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Selling overseas

Sales. It’s simple but it’s not easy. Regardless of industry, the principle and process is always the same: Discover what problem a business faces, clarify how your product/service solves the problem and then pitch the value to a decision maker with purchasing power. With international expansion, understand that the problems faced by prospective clients from […]

Why study failure? The case of Lidl

Ask a Norwegian about German discount retail giant, Lidl, and chances are he or she will have an opinion. Some Norwegians say Lidl was a positive contributor to the Norwegian grocery market, because of their low prices and “exotic” products, while others remarked they didn’t shop there, because it was a foreign company that ignored labour unions, stocked […]

Norway could stop using cash – how will it affect your business?

DNB, Norway’s largest financial services group believes the dangers and disadvantages of cash make it necessary to give it up as a payment method. According to VG, there is about 50billion in circulation, of which only 40% can be traced by Norway’s central bank, Norges Bank. Director for retail banking in DNB, Trond Bentestuen believes […]

Mistakes international businesses can learn from

In addition to Lidl, the most ‘famous’ failed Norwegian market entry attempt, numerous businesses have also failed to enter the Norwegian market successfully, including Topshop, Pizza Hut, Marks & Spencer, Yahoo, GAP and Habitat. What characteristics do these businesses share? Well something these brands have in common is that they are large and multinational – […]