The ‘New Market’ Choice

Clients looking to expand into new markets essentially have three options:

1. Travel to the new market, stay in hotels for a few days on each trip, and do as much sales work as one can. This is a common way to start, and also a common way to fail. Why? Because it is extremely time-consuming, expensive and there are too many unforeseeable novelties and obstacles to overcome. You don’t know the culture, the prospects, the culture or the language. And even though you may find your prospects showing polite interest in the beginning, they won’t convert because they feel you are “different”, too remote… Alien, even!

2. Establish an affiliate in the new market, hire a country manager, rent office space, hire accountant, buy infrastructure, insurances. And so on. This incurs a lot of up front investments both in time and money, and is also highly risky. Why? Because if your local manager doesn’t cut it, you’ll end up having no more customers than before, only increased expenses. And as you may know already, finding good sales people is hard enough in your own territory. If you want to stop, you’ll probably have to spend more to wind down. The result may offer more first-hand experience but highly likely to result in disillusionment, less profit and poor results.

3. Partner with a local business developer. A local partner that knows the market you want to target, understands your products and services, your potential clients’ business needs, knows how to sell and set up a business, is able to represent you with your prospects and clients. Done correctly, this approach gives you minimum risk and maximum odds to achieve what you want. This is the Achieva way.

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