Honesty => Rewards

You learnt it when you grew up: tell the truth. Surely most sales professionals were told the same? How is it, then, that sales people have such a brash reputation – they are almost ‘expected’ to tinker with the truth?

To some extent we are all selling – whether it’s on a personal level or a professional level. Sometimes it’s more obvious (i.e. sales) and other times it’s less direct… but it’s still a characteristic nonetheless. Even getting dressed in the morning could be considered a part of selling yourself!

Sales is about partnering a proposition with a need. Advising on what IS appropriate, and what ISN’T is therefore crucial. If you don’t have a good offer or proposition, you should be honest about it. If you don’t subscribe to the idea of being frank and honest, you should at least recognise that your client is probably going to find out, anyway.

If you are like most good people, you will understand, intuitively, that honesty, when your proposition is not a good fit with your clients’ needs, will earn you respect, trustworthiness and ultimately make your prospect come back next time – even if it’s just for advice… because your client knows you have the expertise, and want to help – and most of all, you’ve earned their trust.

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